Betong… A beautiful city in the Mist

Betong is the southernmost district of Thailand that has long been known as the city in the mist due to its hill-locked geography. It’s common to see a morning mist floating above the town and tourists particularly enjoy the cold climate flower gardens. A hot spring is located not too far from the town centre, and the biggest red mailbox in the world is right in the heart of the town.

The beautiful Phra Mahathat Chedi Phra Buddha Dhamma Prakat is perched on a foothill near Buddha Thiwad temple on Rattakij Road and worshipped by locals and visitors alike. Piyamit Tunnel is also interesting. It was dug by hand by the communists who were fighting in the area during the 1970s.

Foodies can tuck into Betong chicken and a range of Chinese-influenced recipes like steamed fish with pickled plum, Betong rice noodle, Betong soy sauce and its delicious black jelly dessert.


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5 Posts of this week You May Have Missed

Need to catch up on all the posting that passed you by? Check out our weekly post we picked, full of essentials.This guide appears every weekend for all new fans.

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  • ‘Historical in the Mist’ a must visit trip when you come to Betong, a day tour to explore the hi-light of Betong city.

A Pencil story

Working in hotel industry, is a stressfulness job to service on guest’s expectation. We always train and delight our staffs to make them feel extra mile in anything they do. They must be responsive, creative, have sense of urgency and always facing with the guest complaints. This pencil story is good starting to train them understand the meaning of their work and be pround of being Modern Thai Hotel’s staffs.

Service Concept

Customers buy services, not products. Therefore Modern Thai Hotel designs the Service Concept by adopt a service model that focus on the customer needs who traveling to Betong. Instead of selling the hotel with the lowest price possible by limiting the services, Modern Thai Hotel offers guest stay in order to experience Best Value for money spend on the short holiday break and the most important is the Thai Hospitality where you can feel warm welcome during your trip.

Products that actually provide for Services are crafted into 5 things;

5-Star Bed… When travel with many activities and excursions, we want to sleep on a clean and comfort bed where all energy and holiday feeling in the next morning. Modern Thai Hotel offers king size bed (6×6.5 feet) and top quality of linen bed sheet with 100% cotton 250-thread as well as the duvet cover for all guest rooms.

32″ LCD flat screen TV…  Is it a little frustrated when everyone always watching nice quality flat screen TV at home but have to be with the low resolution of the TV when stay in hotel ? Modern Thai Hotel is the only one in town quipped it in all Deluxe and Suites room.

Coffee/Tea making… A day without coffee or tea seems very dark. Many hotels do provide coffee maker, but the issue is hygiene of the heater pot which often has the stain because using cheap one. We use premium with built-in filter and stainless plate cover the heater.

Wifi… Stay connect where you are. We know the the key of social media that integrated into our day life, people should be able to access anywhere anytime. Therefore we provide free of charge for our guests and in case needed for external cable. Please contact our Front Desk.

24 hours-Security… Safety is a key reason to choose hotel to stay. Not only the security guard provided, we also install a 16 CCTV channels both in hotel’s public areas and also outside hotel property to provide our guests most secure on your holiday.


Welcome to Modern Thai Hotel’s Blog. An information about small budget hotel brand in Thailand. We wish to Thanks all guests who support us in our vision on ‘Best Value… Thai Hospitality’.